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4790 Red Bank Expressway Suite 209 , Cincinnati, OH, 45227, US

Phone: 5614274147


SPA Melissa Allen is the ONLY DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Clinic in Cincinnati. We utilize DMK Skincare both in-office and as home care to achieve homeostasis in the skin to create a more youthful appearance.

At SPA Melissa Allen, we solve our guests’ biggest skin concerns, changing their skin—and their lives—from the inside out.

As a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Clinic, we use the principles of biochemistry to re-educate your skin, restoring balance, and enhancing skin to function optimally once more. We are passionate about rebuilding your skin, as we believe this helps rebuild confidence and rebuild lives.

We believe everyone deserves the confidence that comes from healthy skin!


Online Consultation Tool

Using this consultation tool will sign you up for an emailed offer to receive a free five-piece travel kit after receiving a Level One DMK Enzyme. This is a great way to stay up to date with current promotions and what's going on at Spa Melissa Allen!

The free five-piece travel kit can only be redeemed by first-time guests receiving a DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment.


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