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Decrease inflammation, optimize your sleep, boost energy and defy the signs of aging. No matter what your do more goal, Restore Hyper Wellness Hyde Park is here to support you every step of the way. Get guidance from our experts, inform your path forward with data, and access the most cutting-edge modalities in wellness. Create your customized plan today and get ready to meet the best version of you.


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Welcome to Restore Hyper Wellness

Welcome to Restore Hyper Wellness.

We’re the industry leader and creator of a new category of care: Hyper Wellness®. Here, we’re inspiring a movement. A proactive, not reactive approach to wellness. Our unique methodology combines the use of nine elements, and when do in combination and routinely, enables you to feel balanced, energized and overall, the best version of yourself.

Recently, Restore’s own Director of Education Liz Joyce, took us through the doors of a Restore location to highlight all of the available services. Come on in!


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On Tuesday’s, we drip! 10am-6pm (First timers, 10am-5:30pm)

First time? Here’s what to prepare for: As a new medical client, you’ll complete a simple waiver and health history form. The staff will take your vital signs then you'll do a quick call with a medical provider so that we can get a better understanding of your medical history and how IV Drip Therapy can help you on your unique wellness journey. Then comes the fun part! You’ll take a look at our extensive IV Drip Therapy menu, and with the help of a medical professional, customize your personal IV Drip.

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🅑🅞🅖🅞 🅣🅤🅔🅢🅓🅐🅨, back like it never left-Buy a Boost, Get 1️⃣ FREE (up to 3)!

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Two Weeks Unlimited for $49

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